This is a listing of weekend music improvisation workshops offered by Music for People and its members.

Event Date/Location Description
MRM – Music, Rhythm, Movement Facilitator Training
Aug-31-2019 - Sep-01-2019
Starting at 9:30 AM
Soquel - CA - United States

This program focuses upon experiential music making activities that encourage participants to rekindle their own sense of wonder and creativity, which in turn inspires and empowers others that they may facilitate or make music with. This innovative and creative approach to spontaneous and in the moment music making can offer new musical possibilities and pathways for self-expression, self-awareness, communication, and inspiration for all.

Wildacres - Singing in a Floor Circle Improvised Music Harvest 2019
Sep-13-2019 - Sep-15-2019
Starting at 6:00 PM
Little Switzerland - NC - United States

Under the guidance of the wonderful staff, participants explored Music For People Basics, Creative Motion, Found Objects As A Way Into Improvisation, Accessing Rhythm For Improvisation, and Vocal Play And Improvisational Landscapes.

Adventures in Improvisation
Oct-04-2019 - Oct-06-2019
Starting at 6:00 PM
Stony Point - NY - United States

Adventures in Improvisation is a workshop that welcomes all, from beginners to professionals. Prior experience in music improvisation is not necessary. Renew your musical and creative inspiration, increase your skill and self-confidence in improvising, receive a multitude of enjoyable practice techniques for continued musical growth and play with other creative, supportive musicians.

MLP Seminars 2018-2019 at Kientalerhof, Switzerland
Oct-04-2019 - Oct-06-2019
Starting at 6:00 PM
Kiental - - Switzerland

If you want to develop and deepen your relationship to music by playing together, this course will give you the space and time needed to dive into the world of rhythms, melodies and harmonies. The philosophy of Music for People promotes intuitive access to your own sense of musical play and presents ideas on how this love for music improvisation could be shared with others once you return home.

Irene Feher Live Your Music in Montreal!
Nov-02-2019 - Nov-03-2019
Starting at 10:00 AM
Montreal - QC - Canada

A weekend with Music For People is an unforgettable experience that will leave you inspired and energized. Bring your musical instruments, bring your voice, bring your love for music, and discover the powerful potential that creative musical play can have on well-being and community.