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CD Review: Tympanum

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Jane Buttars - TympanumTympanum was recorded live, and contains “in the moment” dramatic duet improvisations by pianist Jane Buttars and cellist David Darling. Their melodies intertwine as they listen deeply through sound and silence. From dancing staccato rhythms to smooth melodic lines, both musicians express through the tones and colors of their instruments. They match or compliment one another in intensity, dynamics, textures, melodies, phrasing and surprises creating one sound. Both are masters in improvisation. This high level of listening is guided through pure inspiration, the sounds, intuition and spirit as they play in synch with no pre-conceived idea. You hear the beauty in their hearts as they take you on a journey with a range of emotions from meditative, playfulness, sadness, contemplative to driving energy.

It is a gift to hear David Darling, who founded Music for People in 1986. He is a master teacher in improvisation and a Grammy-Award winner in 2010. He has composed scores for more than a dozen major motion pictures. He has performed and recorded with many world famous musicians. He has also recorded and produced several CD’s with MFP members including Jane’s first CD, Keys to the Inside, original live solo improvisations.

Jane Buttars holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree and was a Fulbright Scholar. She was drawn to Music for People after feeling “burned out” after a long classical career. Jane graduated from MFP in 1999. Having served as Coordinator for the Graduate Program, she now shares her expertise on the MFP Board and as staff for some of the MFP programs.

Tympanum was recorded at SUNY, Fredonia, NY and at Jane’s Music from the Inside Studio in Princeton, NJ and engineered by Eric Miller and Robert Bullington. It was produced by Jane Buttars and David Darling. You can purchase and listen to sound-bytes at cdbaby.com/daviddarlingjanebuttars or Amazon.com.

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