Josée Allard - Wild Plains

CD Review: Wild Plains

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Josée Allard - Wild PlainsJosée Allard (classical pianist) met her muse when she was acquainted with Norman Nawrocki (Ukranian folk violinist). They originally met to play for fun yet unintentionally ended up creating a CD from their musical explorations and improvisations. Wild Plains has expressed it’s name through fiery lines grounded in strong musicianship from different genres. The differences translated into inspiration. The new ideas were executed with “no holding back,” until the differences became one. Wild Plains takes you on a poetic and melodic voyage across the East European highlands with splashes of jazz on the journey, along with humorous American cartoon-like melodic adventures. The evocative ambient soundscapes tell stories, which allow the listener to see, feel and imagine landscapes of different places and times. Wild Plains consists of ten improvisations bursting with raw boundless, bold, rhythmic energy much like the wild windswept prairie. You can purchase Wild Plains on CD

Reviewed by Lynn Miller

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