JoAnne Spies - Ecstatic Dances

CD Review: Ecstatic Dances

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JoAnne Spies - Ecstatic Dances

CD Cover Art by JoAnne Spies

JoAnne Spies is a singer/songwriter and storyteller who creates stories and song wherever she goes, inviting the listener to join in. In her new CD, Ecstatic Dances, she delivers conscious thought and lessons through the body with spirit and groove. Collaborating with hip-hop artist Jackson Whalan and musician/ producer Robby Baier, JoAnne invites the listener to join her through rhythm. JoAnne’s grounded voice and guitar progressions are supported by her collaborators’ cool guitar licks, synth and ethnic rhythms.

Ecstatic Dances guides you through a rockin’ music meditation to move your body, mind and soul. One cut, “Survivor Tree,” was originally written for a ceremony at Ground Zero honoring Jane Goodall on the International Day of Peace in 2012. Jane Goodall, anthropologist and UN Messenger for Peace, described the symbolism of the tree that survived the blast and clips of the song are used in a video depicting the event. “Survivor Tree” incarnated as a new danceable evolution on Ecstatic Dances.

JoAnne created her own imagery for the CD, which can be purchased through CD and

Reviewed by Lynn Miller

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