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Books and Articles

  • Return to Child: The MfP manual by Jim Oshinsky describing music improvisation games and discussing leadership skills is available both in hardcopy and as a digital download at the Music for People Store – email
  • Blog: Articles relating to music, improvisation and creativity.
  • Books and CDs: Recordings and books by members of Music for People.


  • Books and CDs: Recordings and books by members of Music for People.
  • The Darling Conversations: A set of 3 CDs containing extensive conversations with Grammy-winning cellist David Darling and former Music for People chairperson Julie Weber as well as musical examples of Music for People exercises for music improvisation and musical self-expression. Produced by Clint Goss, you can find out more information including a track list at The Darling Conversations website.


  • Videos: Find out more about Music for People and its techniques and discover how its workshops and training programs have changed participants lives both in how they make music and how they express themselves in the world.


  • Events: Music for People’s Event List
  • Improv Gatherings: Music Improv Gatherings hosted by Music for People members.
  • Satellite Programs: Workshops offered in the United States and Canada by MLP Graduates.

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“Silence is the potential from which music can arise.”
— Keith Jarrett