• Advanced training in improvisational musicianship & group facilitation
  • Recommended for educators, musicians, music-lovers, facilitators, therapists & healing practitioners
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Music for People’s Musicianship and Leadership Program (MLP) offers advanced training in improvisational musicianship, performance and group facilitation. This three level program focuses on various aspects of musical development with attention given to each participant’s goals and aspirations.

Each year/level of training is divided into three modules. Each module includes monthly online Zoom meetings and the opportunity to attend in-person events offered by the regional programs in Montréal and Syracuse as well as Music for People’s weekends and events.

Features of the Program

  • Development of Deep Listening, Mindfulness & Creativity
  • Systematic Method of Social Music Improvisation
  • Personalized Training with Expert Mentors
  • Monthly Online Mentoring Calls in Addition to
    In-person Workshops
  • Spontaneous Composition & Homeplay Assignments
  • Music, Movement & Creative Play Creating Numinous Experiences
  • Access to a Global Community of Music Improvisers
  • Certificate Earned upon Completion of Each Level
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Key Benefits

For Musicians

  • Develops ear-based music making
  • Teaches improvisation techniques
  • Enhances performance skills
  • Reduces performance anxiety

For Teachers

  • Teaches innovation and creativity
  • Encourages self-expression
  • Promotes pattern recognition
  • Boosts brain function and connectivity

For Therapists and Wellness Practioners

  • Enhances communication
  • Develops mindfulness
  • Helps reduce self-criticism and judgment
  • Reinforces listening

Click to Learn About Each Level

In the Improviser Level, learn about Music for People’s philosophy and techniques while attending online and in person workshops and completing the homeplay and facilitation assignments for this level.

Use these techniques along with your own practices to go deeper into your personal musical process. It is a year for working on your own musicianship, starting to develop your leadership style and getting acquainted with, and integrated into, the MfP community.

We expect that someone who completes this level will be able to provide a basic level of musicianship, improvisation, performance and facilitation of groups of improvisors. This would include “homeplay” recordings, informal improvised performances and community music-making experiences.

Improviser Requirements:
  1. Attend the mentoring sessions for your program.
    • The MLP Worldwide program provides online mentoring sessions once a month.
    • Regional programs provide a mix of in person and online sessions.
  2. Demonstrate basic proficiency in utilizing MfP activities and structures in your playing.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in leading basic MfP activities for small groups, informal gatherings and/or with private students.
  4. Deliver one informal MfP gathering and/or performance.
  5. Complete the Homeplay activities and video submission for each module. Each module in the program includes a Homeplay session with small-group or one-on-one mentoring with MfP grads to provide support and feedback on homeplays:
    • Module 1: Core MfP Skills
    • Module 2: Rhythmic Explorations
    • Module 3: Forms and Harmonic Explorations
  6. Attend two in person MLP training workshops offered throughout the year OR attend in person the Art of Improvisation workshop held during the summer.

Program Faciliators

Mary Knysh
Mary Knysh
Program Director
David Rudge
Dr. David Rudge
Musicianship Program
Irene Feher
Dr. Irene Feher
Regional MLP Trainer-Montréal
Alina Plourde
Regional MLP Trainer-Syracuse

What Our Graduates Say

Stuart Fuchs
“Music for People opened doors for me that I never thought were possible. Best of all, I connected with a fantastic community of creative and supportive artists.”
- Stuart Fuchs
Founder: Ukulele Zen
Performer Touring with Babik and Snatam Kaur
Website: stufuchs.com
Thomasina Levy
“This program is for anybody who is eager to find their own music- whether they have never played a note or if they have a PhD in music.”
- Thomasina Levy
Award-winning Singer, Poet and Performer
Hearts of Space Recording Artist
Website: thomasinalevy.com
Clint Goss
"Music for People philosophy, techniques, and facilitation have become core in my life; leading hundreds of Native American flute workshops and retreats around the world.”
- Clint Goss, Ph.D.
Founder: Flutopedia.com, FluteCast videos
Author: The Native Flute Handbook
Websites: Flutopedia.com, FluteCast.com, NativeFluteHandbook.com
Irene Feher
“I learned how to give myself the time and space to listen, breathe, and create. I feel more inspired, energized and present in my music, work, and life.”
- Irene Feher, D.Mus.
Voice Teacher at Concordia University
Founder: Living Your Music
Website: livingyourmusic.com
Neil Tatar
“I am so grateful for Music For People, as this has offered me a pathway to discovering my true musical self.”
- Neil Tatar
Award-winning Composer and Guitarist
Imaginary Road Studios Recording Artist
Website: neiltatar.com