Mary Knysh Teaching BlockThe Musicianship and Leadership Program (MLP) from Music for People is a three-level program offering unique training in music improvisation and workshop facilitation skills. Our programs focus on various aspects of musical development with attention given to each participant’s individual development.

Our programs are woven into our yearly calendar of Adventures in Improvisation workshops, with weekend events in early October, early February and early May, as well as a week-long Art of Improvisation event in the summer.

Each workshop has a mix of large and small group sessions:

  • large group sessions with all participants
  • teaching block sessions focusing on specific Music for People techniques
  • small groups led by participants in the Musicianship and Leadership Program
  • facilitator training session with other members of the training program

Through our experiential-based program, you will have the opportunity to be in large and small improvising ensembles throughout the workshop.

Membership in Music for People is required to participate in the MLP Program (dues paid annually) in order to help support the administration of the organization.

During this Improvisor level, you will get acquainted with the Music for People (MfP) techniques used in our workshops and use these techniques along with your own practices to go deeper into your personal musical process. It is a year for working on your own musicianship, starting to develop your leadership style and getting acquainted with and integrated into the MfP community.

We expect that someone who completes this level will be able to provide a basic level of musicianship, improvisation, performance and facilitation of groups of improvisors. This would include “homeplay” recordings, informal improvised performances and community music-making experiences.

Improvisor Requirements:

  1. Demonstrate basic proficiency in utilizing MfP activities/structures in their playing.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in leading basic MfP activities for small groups, informal gatherings and/or with private students.
  3. Deliver one informal MfP gathering and/or performance.
  4. Complete the Homeplay assignments for each module:
      Module 1: Core MfP Skills
      Module 2: Rhythmic Explorations
      Module 3: Melodic Explorations