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Return to Child

Return to Child Return to Child: Music for People’s Guide to Improvising Music and Authentic Group Leadership provides a positive, encouraging approach to music improvisation and illustrates methods to include Music for People’s philosophy and techniques in experiential education.

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The Darling Conversations

The Darling Conversations CDsThe Darling Conversations CD set explores the fundamental techniques of sound-making as an instrument of self-expression and personal growth. Recorded on the Manifest Spirit Records label and produced by Clint Goss, a graduate of Music for People’s Musicianship and Leadership Program, this 3-CD set contains extensive conversations with Grammy® award-winning cellist David Darling and Music for People chairperson Julie Weber, highlighted with over 80 examples of improvised, in-the-moment music. Darling and Weber take the listener through the basic techniques of creating improvised music, examine the basic forms and structures of improvised music from many cultures, and also explores specific topics such as improvising classical music to playing the mighty “air” piano.

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