Hello Friends,

In these chaotic times, it is crucial to nourish and celebrate our humanity through participation and support of the creative arts. Music for People, in its 34th year, is a unique leader in creative arts. WE HAVE AN EXTRAORDINARY COMMUNITY of participants who bring this approach to communities nationally and internationally. In 2019 we established new core workshops and MLP trainings in Montreal and Syracuse that were enthusiastically received. New workshop models are more financially and regionally accessible. We have begun a train the trainer program and are completing revisions of MLP manuals, developing new workshop materials and establishing more playing opportunities for experienced improvisers, the heart of our community.

This year we are exceptionally happy to recognize and honor our founder and teacher, David Darling. David’s release, Homage to Kindness, has been nominated for a GRAMMY for best New Age Album of the Year. Our year end fundraising is a way to honor David and remember all he gave us in founding MFP and in leading us for so many years.

Heading into 2020, WE NEED FUNDING to expand our offerings. Two anonymous donors have blessed MFP and given us the beautiful and difficult task of raising $10,000 in matching funds by December 31, 2019. This matching grant honors David Darling and helps Music for People to become the go-to organization for inclusive community music-making. Donations large and small can be made one time or monthly, sent directly to the MFP office or online at our website www.Musicforpeople.org.

The Board sends out, to you and yours, one perfection-free quality sound filled with best wishes for 2020!

Alison Weiner, Andy Smith, Lynn Saltiel, Ron Kravitz,
Todd Rogers and Tracey Dillon