Tracey Dillon

In Connecticut, Graduates by jan_mfp

Tracey DillonTracey Dillon is a recent graduate of the MfP Musicianship program, where she has been developing short, improvised piano compositions and films. In 2008, she somehow fell in with a group of poets who introduced her to David Darling, and in a matter of a few years, improv music and poetry have become touchstones in her creative explorations. In her second year of MfP, she initiated long distance playing partnerships with fellow mfp-ers, who all live far from one another. Exchanging tracks on-line, these experiments in co-elaboration have lead to rich friendships and some beautiful music.

A practicing architect, Tracey specializes in residential design and construction management. She is currently living in southwestern CT- a return to a certain kind of civilization, after 25 years in the wilds of Block Island, RI.