Sharon Little

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Sharon has been making music for more than 35 years.

She began on the piano then moved through the woodwind and string families and voice, to the world of percussion and hand drums.

She is the Director of One Quality Note- Sound Vibrations for Good Health and offers workshops to individuals and groups of all ages and levels of experience, leads drum circles and works one-on-one with adults seeking to uncover their Creative Voice and overcome limitations to full Self-expression.

Sharon runs a unique self-transformation practice, using sound, colour and Canada’s only Monochord Sound Table. She often combines the subtler work of sound and colour with the more external work of Authentic Music Making with her clients. She has trained with some of the foremost experts on the use of sound in personal transformation, including Don Campbell, Fabien Maman and Jonathan Beaulieu. She continues her studies into the underlying energies of sound, colour and musical cosmology.

Since 1978 she has worked at the National Music Camp of Canada and has been the Staff Coordinator for nearly 20 years. NMC is a non-profit foundation, serving the musical needs of young Canadians age 9-18 through Band, Orchestra, Suzuki, Classical Guitar, Music Theatre and Jazz programs.

For 15 years she taught general classroom, band, strings, vocal and general music and arts in the elementary panel. She was given humanitarian and creativity awards for her work in and out of the classroom. At home in rural Southwestern Ontario, she teaches music privately and conducts a community band. In her spare time she is a freelance photographer and active gardener.