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Nancy SalwenNancy Salwen grew up in New York city where she was raised on the folk music of the 60s. As a teenager she developed an interest in the traditional music of our culture and other cultures, and this continues to be a passion for her. A long-time resident of Keene, NH, she has sung with several local choruses, and attends Village Harmony multi-cultural singing camps. Her love of community singing informs all of her teaching and she is devoted to facilitating community music-making opportunities for both experienced musicians and complete beginners.

Halfway through Nancy’s first evening session at MfP she found that she couldn’t stop smiling, and decided to enroll in the Musicianship and Leadership program then and there. MfPs focus on intuitive music-making in close relationship to other players has been a perfect match ever since. It’s what she was always looking for but didn’t know existed! It’s with great honor and boundless appreciation that Nancy thanks MfP for helping her turn the corner into a life in which she makes a living through music, and which is rich with joyous music-making experiences and friendships.

Nancy teaches singing to “non-singers” through her Fear of Singing Breakthrough Programs™, leads workshops, gives lessons (in person and world-wide over Skype), and is near completion of her book titled, “Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program: Learn to Sing Even if You Think You Can’t Carry a Tune.” She helps “non-singers” to discover their inner singer (even if they don’t think there’s one in there) through connection to bodily sensation, deep listening, and playful exploration. She helps students unlock the mystery of how to approach a song, and perhaps most importantly, to dismantle their fears around singing so they can focus and learn, and become someone who enjoys singing and all its benefits. She is the director and teacher of Music Together for Monadnock families (a licensed center of the renowned early childhood family music and movement program, Music Together®), and teaches early childhood music programs in a wide variety of schools in New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region.Nancy also leads music-based workshops for businesses and organizations to improve team building, communication, and creative problem solving.

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Books: Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program – Review