Monique Poirier

In Graduates, Québec by jan_mfp

Monique is a graduate teacher from Music for People since 1996. After completing the Musicianship and Leadership program, improvisation became an important part of her musical activities and teaching. She has created her own workshops open to all, under the theme “Music at the heart of oneself”, in which improvisation, rhythm and movement are integrated.

Her academic musical training, bachelor’s degree in piano performance from École Vincent-d’Indy, in Montreal, and master’s degree in music education from Université Laval, in Quebec City, combined with the philosophy of Music for People have led her to develop workshops specifically aimed at pianists of all ages and levels of experience. These workshops allow pianists to feel freer, to deepen the bond with their instrument and to improve their quality of listening. They also inspire piano teachers and give them tools to integrate improvisation into their teaching. Concerned about the mind-body aspect in instrumental playing, she explored approaches that enrich her teaching: Qi Gong, Eutonie Gerda Alexander, Feldenkrais method.

She also spent several years teaching ear training and improvisation in the music program at Collège de Saint-Laurent, in Montreal. In 2017, Monique joined cellist Josée Campeau to form the Poirier-Campeau duet dedicated to improvisation.