Lynn Saltiel

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Lynn SaltielLynn Saltiel is a classically trained flautist and licensed clinical social worker who has returned to the joy of her music making in recent years. She was introduced to the Native American flute several years earlier which led her on the path to find Music For People.   Since then, she has also rediscovered playing the piano and vocals, as well as being drawn to learning the frame drum. During her life, she has sang with a number of rock and pop cover bands, as well as performing with the flute in chamber music ensembles, concert bands, flute choirs and flute circles.

Since her MFP graduation, Lynn is excited to continue her diverse musical creativity and skills, both on the musicianship and leadership levels. In addition to facilitating open flute and improvisation circles in her community, she is currently a member of the Open Music Ensemble in NYC, collaborating with other musicians engaging in a variety of projects which include the use of improvisation with meditation, yoga, dance, poetry, spoken word and art exhibitions.

Lynn is interested in expanding the benefits of using music improvisation techniques in clinical practice. She has presented at professional conferences such as The National Association of Social Workers, The New York State Society of Clinical Social Work, Partners in Prevention and Music and Medicine. Lynn is so inspired and feels grateful to be part of the Music For People Community.