Catherine Monnes

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Catherine MonnesCatherine Monnes’s musical experience includes disaster relief, cab driving, go go dancing, farm labor, racehorse exercising, water aerobics instruction, highway construction flagging (so glad they use signs now), bouncing, & selling electric yoyos for the circus, among many other things.

She’s starred as Shootin’ Moon with an old-time punk band & a liquid woman with a new wave rock band & stood out as the white girl in an African dance company; and has performed with such diverse groups as “The Stars of Tomorrow” (opening for the diving horse at the Steel Pier), Dumb Dog & Hollow Log (country favorites), Draw the Kitten (gay tobacco chewing indy rock darlings), The Mobiotic Movers (singing telegrams), & Magneto (tattoos & murder ballads). She’s toured with a gypsy band (Las Gitanas), played Halloween resurrections in the world’s largest Black Sabbath cover band (Mass Sabbath), & performed last summer with a Taiwanese surf rock band at an Asian festival in NYC.

She’s a regular faculty member of Music at Port Milford, an international chamber music camp in Ontario, teaching improvisation; and a guest artist presenting workshops on the intersection of music and movement at Performatica, a dance festival in Cholula, Mexico. This past year, she’s loved facilitating movement and bucket drums with refugee kids in Greensboro, NC. Currently, she’s a practicing certified massage therapist, a member of U Va’s New Music Ensemble and the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra, distracted student of jazz, and an active musician on the local experimental rock scene.

She’s looking forward to a collaboration with the Zen Monkey Project, doing the music with Diego and Arcadio Martinez-Lanz for the dance performance piece “The Unearthing”, opening in Charlottesville, Va this winter and in Puebla, Mexico this spring. And to doing an MFP style workshop for the string department at James Madison University this fall!

She’s been a lover, magician, mother & wife; & is still a shape shifter, a shadow dancer, & a great big fool.

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