Who would any of us be without Music for People and the teachings of David Darling?

Dear Friends of Music for People,

Music for People 2018

Autumn is deeply upon us with this year’s subtle blaze of transformations, yet all the same we are dreaming ourselves forward to the next workshops we will spend together. We hope to see old friends and new faces, as the YAY and Ooo of MfP composes itself into being each season. With that in mind, please note that MfP will have a booth at the NY State School Music Association November 29-December 1, 2018; and our next workshops are February 8-10, 2019 @ Immaculata, PA and May 3-5, 2019 @ Stony Point, NY.

We are pleased to announce that two anonymous donors have blessed MfP and given us all the beautiful and difficult task of raising $10,000 in matching funds by December 31, 2018. These funds are designated to support programming and our scholarships, so are crucial in opening our workshops up to new folks, to “unmet friends” who may arrive from all the corners of the wind.

Many of you have sent in something – even a little – each year to sustain MfP, and more are doing so every year. We hope that our family of contributors will continue to grow wide and strong. It is true that even a small amount helps. Please contribute whatever you can.

Also, please note that MfP is a 501(c)(3), and all contributions are tax deductible.

The 2019 workshops will be our 33rd year. How large and wonderful a number that seems to be! This amazing journey that David Darling and Bonnie Insull began in 1986 continues to be vibrant, exciting and challenging—and at this point in the wheel of cosmic events, it seems more crucial than ever. We have a deep commitment to bringing in new people to keep this community strong. Please help us meet this pledge.

You can make a donation easily at https://www.musicforpeople.org/wp/donations-membership/. Or at the top of the home page, on the navigation bar, look for the DONATE button that takes you to the Donation page. New this year, the 12-beat sustaining membership option, pre-set as a regular monthly donation. You can also mail a check to Music for People, P. O. Box 397, Goshen, CT, 06756.

The harmonies of next year’s workshops continue to develop, so please check the website over the next few months to see what’s brewing. We are excited about what lies ahead, and hopeful about our ability as a community to raise funds so as to expand programming and welcome more new participants. We hope this letter finds you well, and send our blessings and our thanks to you for being a part of the MfP community.

Sending out one beautifully perfection-free quality sound, to you & yours~

Todd Rogers
Jane Buttars
Ron Kravitz
Andy Smith
Alison Weiner
Tracey Dillon
the ‘Board’