Florida Improv Gatherings

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Susan Golden

Clearwater, Florida

Universal Music Day: We are a non-profit grassroots community of music enthusiasts on a quest to nurture universal harmony by encouraging everyone everywhere to gather and create connections through music especially on the 2nd Saturday of October every year. Create your event that includes the 80% of the people who WISH they make Music — (a speciality of MFP) in addition to the pro’s. Let us know what you are planning to do! Let’s create a World Wide Sound Wave!

Learn more at UniversalMusicDay.org

Michael DeMaria

MLP Graduate; Certified MfP Teacher
Gulf Breeze, FL

Michael is a psychologist, author, speaker and Grammy nominated recording artist who offers workshops in Soul Singing and The Art of Now ™ improvisational playshops for musicians and non-musicians in a safe, supportive, compassionate and playful atmosphere. He is the founder and director of ONTOS a consulting company dedicated to helping individuals and groups live more creative, meaningful and effective lives. He began using music at the age of 7 to heal his own surgery trauma. Now, as a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, percussion, indigenous instruments and his own voice) he weaves together his healing music in creative, dynamic and unforgettable ways in his workshops/keynote concerts and recordings. You can find out more about ONTOS and Michael’s workshop schedule at www.ontos.org.

512 E. Zaragoza St.,
Pensacola, FL 32502
Toll free 1-800-764-0574
email mdemaria@ontos.org