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Irene Feher

In Graduates, Québec by jan_mfp

A 2017 graduate of Music For People’s MLP Training, Irene Feher facilitates improvisation workshops in Montreal (Canada) and surrounding regions, including the Concordia University Student improvisation collective Collabra-Dabra-Tory. She also teaches classical/contemporary voice at Concordia University and at her private studio in Montreal. A member of Music For People, NATS (National Association of Teachers of …

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Yuri Yamamoto

In Graduates, North Carolina by jan_mfp

Yuri Yamamoto is the Music Director at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh and Staff Accompanist at Meredith College. Yuri is a multifaceted musician, composer and improviser. Her original charity album, Japan, My Homeland, features piano improvisations and original settings of Japanese poems by Masao Tachiya, a native of Fukushima devastated by the earthquake, tsunami and …

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Ted Zook

In Graduates, Virginia by jan_mfp

Ted Zook ( is based in Arlington, VA. In addition to performing as a soloist, Ted is co-founder of Heterodyne; the Lost Civilizations experimental music project; Chimiak & Zook; and Rosati and Zook. Ted is primarily a nylon-string guitarist; however, in live performances he more commonly plays an NS Design Omni Bass (set up as …

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Christobal Jacques

In Graduates, New York by jan_mfp

A teachers comment on a first grade report card read “ Chris is a fine little boy who loves to sing and dance but that’s all he wants to do” and not much has changed in the sixty-five plus years since that observation was made. None the less performing is not high on my list …

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Sally Childs-Healton

In Graduates, Indiana by jan_mfp

Web Site: Sally Childs-Helton is a certified Music for People guided music improvisation teacher, and she teaches and conducts workshops in hand drums and ethnic percussion, music improvisation, and creativity. At the age of 14 she put down the flute, picked up drum sticks, and has never looked back. In her mid-teens she received …

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Nancy Salwen

In Graduates, New Hampshire by jan_mfp

Nancy Salwen grew up in New York city where she was raised on the folk music of the 60s. As a teenager she developed an interest in the traditional music of our culture and other cultures, and this continues to be a passion for her. A long-time resident of Keene, NH, she has sung with …

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Tracey Dillon

In Connecticut, Graduates by jan_mfp

Tracey Dillon is a recent graduate of the MfP Musicianship program, where she has been developing short, improvised piano compositions and films. In 2008, she somehow fell in with a group of poets who introduced her to David Darling, and in a matter of a few years, improv music and poetry have become touchstones in …