Join Us for the First Annual World Play Your Bundt Pan Day – March 4

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Bundt Pan Day

When: March 4, 2023, any time of the day 

Where: Wherever you are around the world

What: Get your Bundt pan out, find a ‘mallet’ and play it, holding it in the center, tapping your mallet on the edge of the pan. No Bundt pan? No problem. Try a stainless steel mixing bowl! Explore your home!

How: Like a good Bundt cake, best enjoyed with friends, but we also invite you to create a Powerful Solo Concerto 

Why: March 4 is David Darling’s Birthday 

Who can join: EVERYONE!

What is World Play Your Bundt Pan Day about?

The Bundt pan is the Unofficial Official instrument of Music for People, a worldwide community dedicated to the belief that all people are inherently musical, creative, and capable of authentic, spontaneous expression. We enable holistic music making for people of all ages and levels of experience.

 David Darling, Grammy-Award® winning cellist and co-founder of Music for People, used the Bundt pan to show us that anything can be an instrument, to teach about silence and listening, to teach us about authentic presence and the power of One Quality Sound, to help us all listen more deeply, to teach us that we don’t need to have a fancy “real” instrument or years of training to be a musician.

The invitation on World Play Your Bundt Pan Day, March 4, is to play your Bundt Pan, or, indeed, any other found instrument, but ESPECIALLY one that really sings. You can play it alone and you can invite others to join you. We want to hear the sound waves ripple around the world.

How long should I play?

Even one invitation of the sound of the Bundt pan is enough to make a difference in your day. Start in silence. Breathe in. Tap your mallet or other “sound inviter” on the edge of the pan.

Let it ring! 

Listen inside the sound! 

Imagine the waves of sound and beauty spreading far and wide, connecting you to the whole world of sound, and all the beings that create them. Imagine all the other Bundt pan players around the world, playing their pans along with you!


Repeat, as often during the day as you like.  

Be imaginative and creative! 

Things to do

  1. Share this link with your friends. Invite them to join you in whatever way you can imagine. We’d love for your friends around the world to participate.
  2. Get your phone out and make a recording and share it to your social media accounts.
    • #PlayYourBundtPan
    • #FindYourMusic
    • #MfPImprov
    • @MfPImprov
  3. Gather some friends—in your kitchen, in your backyard, in a park, in your barn, in your music class. 
  4. Create a free event on Eventbrite, Facebook or wherever you can. (If you use Zoom for a group, be sure that everyone turns on Musicians Sound.
  5. Do a happy dance, knowing that YOU were there for the very FIRST World Play Your Bundt Pan Day! 
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  7. Learn more about Music for People, including its global training program here.