New Streaming Tracks from Collab Lab

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We are proud to announce that three additional tracks from our Collab Lab workshops are now streaming.

Look for Music for People Collective on your favorite streaming platform, which includes YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Don’t forget to select your favorite tracks and follow the Music for People Collective.

Note for Spotify Users: Spotify displays the most popular tracks at the top of the listening window. Scroll down to view additional tracks, especially new tracks.

Latest Tracks:

Lake Ripples

  • Alina Plourde: Kora & Native American style flute
  • Roberta Truscello: recorders, celtic harp, melodica
  • Paula Rosenbaum: violin
  • Leanne Darling: thumb piano, percussion

Song of the Lake

  • Suni Moon: Foundation – Keyboard, crystal bowls
  • Jonathan Brandstater: Gongs and bells
  • Todd Rogers: Violin 

A’ la Glass

  • Paula Rosenbaum: Violin, Foundation Track
  • Anna Brzeski: Piano
  • Maryse Dumas: Vocals, Bansuri Flute
  • Julie Harris: Xiao
  • Alan Berman: MIDI Synth
  • Roberta Truscello: Vocals
  • Megan King: Tenor sax

Previous Uploads:


  • Donna Gataletto – Foundation Track: Electric Guitar
  • Julie Harris: Native American Style Flute
  • Patricia Hatfield: Acoustic Guitar
  • Alison Weiner: Electric Keyboard
  • Todd Rogers: Violin, MIDI percussion and bass

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Liquid Forgetfulness

  • Blair Frodelius – Foundation Track: Baritone Guitar
  • Jan Hittle: Vocals, Improvised Lyrics
  • Paula Rosenbaum: Violin
  • Olen Hsu: Piano
  • Alan Berman: Mixing and Production

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New Horizon

  • Donna Gataletto – Foundation Track: Electric Guitar
  • Julie Harris: Native American Flute
  • Jonathan Brandstater: Harmonica
  • Alan Duff Berman: Electric Guitar, Bass Synth, Mix
  • Paula Rosenbaum: Violin
  • Lew Radin: Kalimba

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The Beat and the Silence

  • Liz Lulu – Foundation Track: Lyrics and Spoken Word, Bass and Beats
  • Roberta Truscello: Melodica
  • Alan Duff Berman: Guitar
  • Julie Harris: Shakers
  • Megan King: Flute

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You Didn’t Say a Word

  • Todd Rogers – Foundation Track: Violin, MIDI Instruments/Bass
  • Daniela Reinsch: Vocals
  • Timothy Varney: Piano
  • Julie Harris: Flute

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