Congratulations to Our Grads!

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Congratulations! YOU DID IT!

We want to celebrate the graduations and certifications in our Musicianship and Leadership Program that happened the weekend of October 16th-17th, 2021. We had five graduates from the program: Celine Daly, Jimbo Talbot, Leanne Darling, Marianne Bechard and Marie-Hélène Rondot.

Participants at the Coming Together workshop got to experience music by Leanne Darling and Jimbo Talbot while those at the virtual celebration on Sunday heard music from Celine Daly, Marianne Bechard and Marie-Hélène Rondot.

Leanne Darling & Jimbo Talbot at Coming Together and
the Virtual Celebration on October 17th

In addition to the graduates, we had three people complete Level 2 of the program, moving into Level 3:

Alexandra Hadjis-Chartrand
Kate Markle
Montserrat Morral

There are 31 people moving from Level 1 to Level 2:

Amy Sadanaga
Audrey E Potter
Brian Weber
Carolyn Allenby
Dawn Tyler Watson
Ellie Wolfe
Emma Young
Eric E Lee
Eric Olsen
Heather Jacobs
Jamisha-Antarae Harris
Jane Lewis
Janet Fall
Jens Schumann
Judith Ginzberg
Julia Kennific
Laila Walzer
Lewin Stöck
Linda MacFarlane
Liz Lulu
Lynda Letourneau
Lyne Lavallée
Marcos Ribas
Maryse Dumas
Melinda Ostrander-Aviles
Robin Nixon
Ryan Dunn
Samantha Dignan
Susan Schoonmaker
Valeria Mastrorosa
Wendy Valerio
The Wave from our Level 1 Certifications!

But what may capture the MLP program best is the Mentimeter about what people learned in the program: