Video: Come to Adventures in Improvisation

In About Music for People by jan_mfp

After an opening music improvisation by Mary Knysh, David Rudge and Irene Feher, Mary Knysh and David Rudge invite you to come to a Music for People workshop and experience for yourself the fun, freedom and creativity that can happen through music improvisation.

David Rudge:
I’d love to invite you to join us and our musical family at our training sessions and workshops and everything else that we do. This work has been something I’ve been involved with for 30 years now and during that time, there’s been a wonderful community of players, participants and graduates that have grown around it, and it’s become my musical family in many ways. It’s profound work — in more than one way. Also highly silly and humorous and fun to be around. These two extremes are unique in this kind of improvisation work because it brings a great freedom with people — and myself — that’s coming from the heart, that’s coming from a sense of no wrong notes, being off the page of music, and being able to express yourself in more ways than one might think of.

Mary Knysh:
I believe in the work of Music for People. I believe in the idea that everyone is full of music. At our workshops, we invite people to step into the discovery of not only their own inherent music, but also the discovery of what we can learn about ourselves and each other in making music together.

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