Video: 30th Anniversary Celebration

In About Music for People by jan_mfp

The 30th Anniversary Celebration was such a wonderful, joyful weekend that I decided to gather some videos and pictures from other participants and make a video of the experience. Sections in the video include:

  • Babbling as a Doorway to Articulation with David Darling
  • Solo/Ostinato Ensemble from David Rudge’s Teaching Block
  • Sah and Stepping Into Opportunity from Mary Knysh’s Teaching Block
  • One Quality Sound, Pulse and Rhythmic Articulation with David Darling
  • Graduation Ceremony for Alina Plourde and Alison Weiner
  • 30th Anniversary Celebration with Solos by David Darling and Pictures of Our Roots
  • Saturday Night Drum Jam
  • Sunday Closing

I did include some audio clips from the Graduation Ceremony to illustrate some of the different musical styles that can occur at a Music for People workshop.

Happy Viewing!

Jan Hittle