Video: Thank You for This Gift

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Paul expresses gratitude for the gift David Darling shared which helped him pursue a life in music.

Paul Butler: So my name is Paul Butler. I just drove in from Philadelphia, PA. I’m still in my car, and I got asked the question of how Music for People is alive in my life. And it’s still very much alive. I’m still playing music all the time and improvising most of the time whether it’s jazz or or something else or early jazz or swing or modern or something from another culture, it’s very much alive.

I’m very grateful to have found Music for People because it kind of gave me permission to be able to do that, and I feel very blessed because I get to do that. It’s still very much alive, and I find that and I find the more I do it, the deeper it gets. The deeper it gets, the more amazing it is. It’s pretty awesome. Thank you David Darling. For this gift that you shared. I’m grateful and thankful for you. Thanks. I got to go now.

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