Video: Started Composing and Improvising

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Watch this video to see how Valeria Mastrorsa got in touch with her inner composer after coming to one of Music for People’s music improvisation workshops.

Valeria Mastrorsa: My name is Valeria Mastrorsa, and I am a classically trained pianist. This is my fourth time here at Music for People. And what’s amazing for me is that I have been composing after I started, right after. What I call composing is basically I sit and I improvise, but I register [record] those moments and they become gifts from me and for people that I care for. I send them. I name them. And people are very happy with them because they are like my musical gifts. The way that I play the piano changed after that. I’ve been able to find sounds and inspiration that I’ve been looking for a long time as a classical pianist. So I have changed.