Video: Returning to the Art of Improvisation Workshop – Nan Cardella

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Nan Cardella shares her experience at Music for People Workshops, like the Art of Improvisation.

JAN: Nan, it’s so good to see you again. I’m so glad you’re back at Art of Improvisation.

NAN: I was thrilled to see you at registration. Always love your voice. So beautiful.

JAN: Thank you. So my question to you is why you decided to come back this year.

NAN: Because I love music and love playing with people. I have Music for People improvisational skills. I’m not a classically trained musician. I always put in the caveat I’m not an overly skilled musician, but I can come here with the skill level that I have and have a blast. And see other people with skills, like your vocal skills, and reach for something a little bit more and get supported in a way that I’ve never found anywhere else.

JAN: Yeah. And it’s such a wonderful community of people who love music and love making music in a community with other people. And all different kinds of instruments.

NAN: I have this frame drum which I just showed you I play in a sort of nonofficial way, but it works for me because I have a little djembe training.
I started from scratch. I really had nothing. I learned and forgot piano years and years ago. Music for People provided an avenue into rhythm and accessibility and fun that has just been serving in my life, in all aspects of my life.

JAN: I look forward to making music with you this week.

NAN: Good. Thanks Jan.

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