Video: Finding Freedom, Fun and Play in My Music

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Sharon shares how Music for People enriches her life, her music and her teaching as well as transforming the people that she plays and works with.

Sharon Little: Hi, I’m Sharon Little, and I’m a grad from 2000. I first heard of Music for People in the early 1990s and what really struck me was when David started, he just started making music. I’m a classically trained musician and was absolutely afraid to do anything that wasn’t written down. It was such a relief and a freedom to start being able to play, which is part of my nature anyway, but somehow in music and my instruments and all the instruments I learned, the play wasn’t there. So now the play lives in me. And it started going into my teaching. (I was a school teacher.) All of the playground stuff I had, all the summer rec programs that I ran, all the camp stuff that I did — started coming through in my work as well. Through that, working with people and their voice. I’ve seen such release and transformation and play and fun and opening from people that I played with and worked with.

It also lives in me because so many friends here I’ve had now for 15 or 20 years. And I know as soon as I meet with them, we immediately start together and we don’t have to break the ice. It lives with me just as a way that I go through life. I start singing when I wouldn’t normally have done that. I don’t even know anymore what it was like beforehand. I just know that this is just a part of me, and I don’t know what it would have been like had I not. There are very few people in my life like this. I think about what my life might have been had I not come into Music for People, and for that I’m just so thankful. It’s too much fun.

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