Video: Bringing New Ideas to Leaders and Teams

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Ingrid shares how techniques she learned from Music for People have contributed to her work empowering leaders and teams.

Ingrid Bredenberg: I’m Ingrid Bredenberg, and I first participated in Music for People back in 1984 at Omega Institute. And the way that this work has remained alive in me…. Well, first of all I just have to say, that what really came alive to me in the work not only was the courage to improvise and to make music, but I got my dancer back. I was a mover, but I had figured that since I wasn’t dancing professionally, or I didn’t even take a lot of classes, that I wasn’t a dancer. And just like I’ve now learned that we’re all musicians, I reclaimed my dancer.

How that shows up in my life — the music making, the movement, the whole presence — is in my work with leaders. I work with leaders and teams, and I’ve realized how important it is for leaders to understand the importance of silence…. And to give them permission as a technique to make room for things to occur, to arise.
We do that through a variety of activities. Some of them from Music for People, many of them actually, but also presence and just all the ways that we bring ourselves to our work.

Even though I haven’t been participating in the Music for People community that much recently, I know it’s alive in me and it’s so exciting to be back here for the 30th and re-experiencing it for myself and getting so many great ideas and so many ways of giving expression to our creativity and also to collaborating, listening to each other and really hearing and finding those ways to connect and co-create. And so the work is alive. The work is alive. And it’s getting to leaders, and I’m excited about that.