Video: Musical Immersion at the Art of Improvisation Workshop

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For your own musical immersion process, find out more about the Art of Improvisation workshop that Todd attended.

Todd Rogers:

Well, the thing is that — what the Music for People process does is — it goes deep with very simple concepts. It allows you to go very, very deep with them. And in that, that’s where you find your musical gold.

And so I want to talk about the Art of Improvisation, the five day workshop that happens every summer. This is a place for you to get immersed in this work. If you are someone who is working to get deeper with your music, to become a more skilled improviser, to connect more deeply with others through your music, this is an immersion process where you get to play with musicians of all stripes, who are all seeking a similar type of experience. It’s really an accelerator for your process. That’s what I found when I went to the Art of Improvisation.

I guess what I want to say really about Music for People in a nutshell is that it’s been the most profound and meaningful experience of my life. It’s really helped me to more deeply connect with myself and others  through music. And it’s had profound implications through the rest of my life.

Come on out and join us. Come on out and join us. There’s a lot to discover.

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