Video: Bringing a Certain Kind of Poetry to My Work

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Tracey shares how music improvisation with Music for People has changed her life – musically and professionally.

Tracey Dillon: I graduated in October 2014, two years ago. Music for People lives in me… It’s brought back a kind of playing that I did as a child on piano that was very joyful, and I realized as an adult was a way for me to process. When I got to places and ideas in my life where I was stuck.

It’s more than that now. I do little movies with soundtracks, and I do long-distance improvisation with friends that I’ve made here at Music for People. But where it’s really impacted my life professionally? I’m an architect. It has made me really think about the quality of space and sound in the places that I design. It’s brought a certain kind of poetry to my work.

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