This is a listing of weekend music improvisation workshops offered by Music for People and its members.

Event Date/Location Description
Irene Feher Live Your Music in Montreal!
Starting at 10:00 AM
Montreal - QC - Canada

Join Irene, members of Concordia’s student improvisation Collective “Collabra-Dabra-Tory” and students from Irene’s summer course “Live Your Music: Intro to Music Improvisation” for an inspiring day of music making in the heart of Montreal.

Wildacres - Singing in a Floor Circle Improvised Music Harvest 2018
Sep-14-2018 - Sep-16-2018
Starting at 6:00 PM
Little Switzerland - NC - United States

Under the guidance of the wonderful staff, participants explored Music For People Basics, Creative Motion, Found Objects As A Way Into Improvisation, Accessing Rhythm For Improvisation, and Vocal Play And Improvisational Landscapes.

Adventures in Improvisation: October 2018
Oct-12-2018 - Oct-14-2018
Starting at 6:00 PM
Stony Point - NY - United States

Adventures in Improvisation is a workshop that welcomes all, from beginners to professionals. Prior experience in music improvisation is not necessary. Renew your musical and creative inspiration, increase your skill and self-confidence in improvising, receive a multitude of enjoyable practice techniques for continued musical growth and play with other creative, supportive musicians.