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CD Review: Earth Poems

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Betsy Bevan - Earth PoemsIn her Earth Poems CD, Betsy Bevan (pianist) has collaborated with Will Ridenour (kora) and Daniel Chambo (world flutes ) to create free flowing music for relaxation and introspection. The music moves the listener toward an inner journey. The first cut “In Your Light” was inspired by Rumi. The album musically emulates the words translated by Coleman Barks:

“In your light I learn to love.
In your beauty, how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you.
But sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.

This meditative CD is mostly solo piano played by Betsy who creates imagery with her music through colors and patterns. Betsy is also a visual artist who colorfully creates whimsical stories through her imagery. “Loving Leaves” and “Singing Earth” incorporate Will on the kora, played non-traditionally, sounding similar to a harp-like guitar. “Loving River” also features the kora as they imitate, support and counterpoint their beautiful melodies. The melodic lines blend seamlessly. You will hear the wind, ripples in the water and falling leaves. “Cool Breeze” brings in the mysterious sounds of chimes and Daniel on the world flutes as they modulate up and down creating a journey of wonder. Join Betsy in her pulsating arpegiations and magical chord voicings for a smooth and harmonious musical journey.

You can purchase downloads of Earth Poems on CD Baby.

<em>Reviewed by Lynn Miller</em>

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