The Darling Conversations 3 CD Set




The Darling Conversations explores the fundamental techniques of sound-making as an instrument of self-expression and personal growth. By approaching music from a philosophy of self-acceptance and joy, we can tap our inborn creative impulse and re-vitalize our music-making.

The techniques and philosophy were developed over the last 30 years in the Music for People organization, a group that promotes a humanistic approach to the way music is taught, performed, and appreciated.

The Darling Conversations was nominated for a JPF Music Award in the category “Best Educational Album”.

This 3-CD set contains extensive conversations with Grammy-nominated cellist David Darling and Music for People chairperson Julie Weber, highlighted with over 80 examples of improvised, in-the-moment music. Darling and Weber take the listener through the basic techniques of creating improvised music, examine the basic forms and structures of improvised music from many cultures, and also explores specific topics such as improvising classical music to playing the mighty “air” piano.