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Connecticut State Troubadour (2005/2006), Thomasina Levy ( is an internationally recognized mountain dulcimer player, singer, and song writer whose performances weave together the best of traditional and contemporary folk music.

Her four years of studies and graduation as a Facilitator of Music Improvisation with cello master, David Darling and Music for People reaffirm her belief that music is in each one of us and is just waiting for the right time to emerge.

With a Master of Science degree in Education, she uses music and art to help students of all ages discover their own creative spirits throughout the United States. In January of 1999, she was accepted to become part of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts’ Master Teaching Artist Program and is now a Teaching Artist Mentor who helps fellow artists, educators, schools and museums incorporate the arts into their programs.

Her music has been aired in over twenty countries across the globe. Described as a charismatic performer, she touches audiences with a simplicity, humanity, and strength drawn from the deep roots of the folk tradition. Thomasina has recordings and instructional books for both children and adults.  Her most recent CD, “Chasing Cloud Shadows” has been aired in over twenty countries across the globe. It has been described as “pure sunlight, a dazzling marriage of new and traditional folk music, jazz, country and bluegrass that makes for an hour of joyous listening.” Her most recent recording project is titled, Out of Many We Are One and has received praise from all corners of the planet.