Stephanie Hirschmann

In Graduates, New York by jan_mfp

Music has always been a part of my life. I have always sang and have had and still have many songs in my heart. I have the ability to create a tune with words unheard of before out of thin air. Listening. I sing what I see, and feel, or sometimes finding a story that wants to be created to share with myself and others. At times I find myself humming a simple tune that just flows out into being.  I have also discovered, that for me, everything in the world has the ability to be a percussion instrument (including the piano, rubber duckies, bundt pans……) with many wonderful sounds to be discovered and explored, combining to create new songs with different words of sound. I have learned and enjoy drumming, playing djembes. Playing and creating patterns and rhyme as part of a group or by myself.

My life was greatly changed when I discovered David Darling and Music for People with Chungliang Al Haung a Tai ji Master, together at a workshop at Omega Institute in New York.  I learned many things from these two great teachers. When opportunities arrive to pass on some of these teachings, I do. I now see and feel music and the dance of tai ji as the same energy, chi, just difference manisfestions of energy as it speaks to different people. I can and do combine the two forms together, singing and dancing the steps to a dance of tai ji, or quietly following the music unsung inside of me while dancing. I enjoy sharing and teaching tai ji as well as music. with no wrong notes or movements. All of  these things with smiles, laughter, silence, little or great feelings and stillness, what ever is needed while in the flow of being in the now of that time. Following the flow of a great teacher, others, or offering to lead others in the flow of chi, learning  and doing, is a part of who I am.

I also record the words of poetry when they come to me. Sharing these words at poetry readings and with friends. These words being the same chi, energy that is music and the dance, giving freedom to another way of expressing myself with others on my journey of life.