Paul Butler

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Paul ButlerInstruments: Saxophones, Clarinets, and Flutes

Paul has over 20 years of teaching experience, as well as extensive performance experience, including performances with Grammy-nominated cellist David Darling.

Paul is a clarinetist with dazzling fluency in many musical languages, from Dixieland and Jazz to Classical, Klezmer, Rock, Tribal, Midi and beyond.  Whether in concert with the Dixieland group, Hot house Trio, performing with the dance company Group Motion, teaching a workshop to music therapy students, or giving a school residency to wide eyed-children, Paul’s unique approach to music and improvisation playfully welcomes all participants and audience members.

Paul has served on Music for People’s Board of Directors.   He holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Mansfield University. He served as US government-sponsored cultural ambassador to the Middle East, bringing jazz to multiple countries, including Syria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Recordings: Hothouse Live at the Kennedy Center
Video: Thank You for This Gift