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Neil is a graduate of the Music For People Musicianship and Leadership program and serves on its Board of Directors.

Neil is driven by his love of music and passion for helping others develop their innate musicality.  His gentle teaching style draws from a background in tai chi.  He welcomes the musically inexperienced as well as the seasoned professional. True to his devotion to improvisation, workshops are playful and never the same.  Neil incorporates the teaching of Music for People principles, providing participants with tools to enhance their improvisational skills.  His workshops echo the energy he brings from continued inspiration and training.  Neil is regularly humming a tune, drumming, playing funky guitar, composing on the piano or pulling something musical from his laptop.  Participants have reported expanding their musical repertoire or happily becoming reacquainted with their musical selves.

Neil has a musical orientation that is contemporary in style, primarily rooted in blues, rhythm & blues, and light jazz. A life long musician, Neil is an experienced guitarist who also plays piano, hand drums and percussion.

In the 1970’s, as a student at Boston University, he began offering guitar lessons to students in the greater Boston area. As a performing guitarist, he has appeared onstage with a number of musical groups. Currently, he is working on recording original material for CDs, and also composing on his newly rebuilt 1925 Steinway piano.

Most recently, Neil has focused his creative energy on leading improvisational music workshops – offering these sessions to a variety of groups, including adult mental health programs, camps for children with serious illnesses, assorted college groups, and regional arts councils. As a facilitator, he creates a safe and supportive environment for participants, combining a long standing tai chi practice and meditative philosophy with his enthusiasm and creative energy.

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