Monique Poirier

In Graduates, Québec by jan_mfp

Monique has a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from École de musique Vincent-d’Indy, in Montreal, and holds a master’s degree from Université Laval in Quebec. Her interest in creative arts first brought her to intervention theater, movement, and dance. She also explored different somatic education approaches, such as the Feldenkrais method, Eutonie Gerda Alexander, and the Rio Abierto system in Argentina among them.

In 1996, she completed the Music for People’s Musicianship and Leadership Program, and, from that point on, improvisation became an important part of her musical activities and teaching. She started to lead her own open-to-all workshop under the theme «La musique au coeur de soi» (Music at the heart of yourself). She also leads piano improvisation workshops that bring pianists to feel more free, to develop their creativity, and to enhance their quality of listening.

She currently teaches ear training and improvisation to college students at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montreal, while offering workshops to different groups of people. In addition to playing the piano, she has started playing percussion and Celtic harp.