Mindi Turin

In Graduates, New Jersey by jan_mfp

Mindi Turin is a licensed psychologist, an interfaith minister, and a musician. She has 30 plus years of training and experience in facilitating the personal and spiritual growth of individuals one-on-one, in groups, in couples, and in families.

For the past 10 years, Mindi has been delving deeply into music, and has found it to be a joyous and compelling path for personal expression, fulfillment, and growth, as well as one of creativity and intellectual stimulation. Through her 4 years in the Music for People program, she has developed skills in the area of music improvisation, both as a participant and a facilitator. Mindi continues to develop her skills as a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player. She has been performing in a variety of venues in her community in Central New Jersey.

Mindi seeks to integrate the use of sound and rhythm into her work as a psychotherapist whenever appropriate and possible, as she finds it is, in addition to being inherently enjoyable, a powerful means of promoting self awareness, healing, and personal growth.