May Ho

In California, Graduates by jan_mfp

photo © Julie Weber

May Ho is a unique mix of an accomplished musician and lifelong student.  She began her career studying at the Conservatory of China in Shanghai for 5 years.  After getting married and raising five children, she graduated from San Francisco State with a B,A, in Music Performance.  She has since then performed countless organ concerts and is a member of the Calvary Presbyterian Church Choir.

May joined Music for People in 1999 and developed her improvising skills  in the Musicianship Program.  Her experience in the program has allowed her to develop her inner voice to create her own compositions and allow her to collaborate with other musicians.

May has studied Middle Eastern music, which included drums and cymbals.  In addition to participating in Middle Eastern music concerts, she traveled to France tow times with her choir.  Key stops on the concert tour included Rouen, tours, Lyon and Toulouse.

As the oldest member of her group in Music for People, May met David Darling and took his concept of “Returning to Child” very seriously as a part of her curriculum.  Since graduating the Musicianship Program in 2003 May turned her attention to sharing the program with more friends and focusing on how her examples of the philosophy and practices of Music for People will serve the world, a world she feels needs more peace through music.