Maaike Mulas

In Graduates, Québec by jan_mfp

Maaike Mulas loves to share her passion for creative self-expression, especially through music.

Trained as a teacher and a psychotherapist, she has, in the last ten years, become an improvisation vocalist, poet and song-writer. Maaike joined the Music for People Musicianship and Leadership Program to become a certified instructor in music improvisation. Through her Voice of the Body, Song of the Heart concept she offers workshops and individual sessions in vocal improvisation in the Montreal, Quebec area. Her experience with Tai-Chi, breathwork, toning, percussion and painting are a valuable addition to her vocal improvisation skills creating a safe yet stimulating environment for authentic musical self-expression.  Humor and playfulness also contribute to a relaxed and fun experience. Maaike has facilitated vocal improvisation workshops for a variety of small groups.

Maaike has offered a series of vocal improvisation classes for handicapped adolescents and lately a weekly workshop for a golden age group in a center for self-sufficient elders.  She loves to tailor her activities in order to meet the creative potential and challenges of each group, making true her belief that musical self-expression is everybody’s birthright.