Lynn Margileth

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Lynn Margileth is a multifaceted educator and guide in many areas of her adult life. She has taught art and music to students of all ages, working as a professional artist, public school teacher, staff developer and arts administrator.

She has a private practice in New York City as a Pathwork Helper, in which she facilitates clients’ conscious, healing life choices. This path of self honesty, purification and meditation is is based on the teachings of Eva Pierrakos and Bert and Moira Shaw.

Lynn holds a NY State Wilderness Guide license and has led backpack quests in the Adirondack mountains for those seeking healing and wholeness though profound and sustained contact with nature.

She is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and percussionist whose performances weave together original, traditional and spiritual music. She performed with the Mob of Angels and appears most recently on the CD, “Welcome Brigid” by Katy Taylor. Other CD’s on which she performs are “In the Beginning” with Layne Redmond and the Mob of Angels, “Be Still and Know”, a Pathwork CD of spiritual songs and “Framedrums without Borders”, an international compilation.

Her graduation as a Facilitator of Improvisation from the Music for People program affirms her belief that rhythm and sound is in each one of us waiting for the right time to emerge. With her husband, Ned Leavitt, she offers Kirtan chanting as a devotional practice.

CDs: Bhakti Treasure