Lesley Tao Mowat

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Lesley Tao MowatLesley Tao Mowat is the founder of DrumFlower, a company dedicated to Empowering You One Beat at a Time while Nurturing Your Sacred Journey of Wholeness and Healing. A Spiritual Creativewith over 40 years in music and visual art, she has been a shamanic healer and teacher since 1998. She was co-founder, songwriter and creative director of a professional band for over a decade. With a BFA, Photography (UArts) & MFA, Computer Art (SVA); she taught digital media at University of the Arts and worked with design firms creating websites in the pioneer days of new media.

Lesley Tao inhabits a world of Sound, creating music from both listening and seeing with heightened awareness. Currently she is working on: creating music which assists in shifting consciousness and supports the personal healing process, collaborating with visual artists, creating music inspired by and in dialogue with the Web of Life. Lesley Tao has known about the power of playing music since the age of 8 when she began piano lessons. Her love and gratitude for music making continues to this day. She is a multi-instrumentalist; her main instruments these days being guitar, ukelele and a variety of drums including tabla. She has a passion for nurturing in others this experience of playing music and ‘being in sound’ — facilitating drum circles, shamanic drumming circles and music improvisation gatherings. In 2015 she created an adult music improvisation based class called “Music Making IS For Everyone!”. She is currently working on a program showcasing the DrumFlower approach to drumming and rhythmic learning for all instruments.

Lesley Tao believes everyone can experience the healing effect of self-expression through creativity. Her greatest love & inspiration is Mother Earth’s Web of Life and The Spirit That Lives In All Things.

Website: drumflower.com
Contact Info: lesley@drumflower.com