Jonathan Best

In Arizona, Graduates by jan_mfp

Jonathan BestJonathan has been playing and teaching music around the world for over 30 years. He toured the Pentecostal churches of New York City and the south with The Elect Lady Evangelist Shirley Davis and has toured the world with Talking Heads leader David Byrne.

As both a performer and workshop facilitator he is constantly looking for common ground where everyone can communicate through music.  Jonathan’s  frequent trips to Kenya to work with the Maasai taught him that participatory music is a necessary ingredient for sustainable communities.  He believes that the language of music is inside us all.  It does not need to be learned, just coaxed.

Teaching has always been an integral part of his career.  He has taught lessons one on one and has led workshops in recording, songwriting, piano, music composition and improvisation.  His current passion is to entice everyone he meets to share their innate music from their soul.

Jonathan’s teaching style involves openness, kindness, enthusiasm, curiosity, and risk taking.  He is convinced that creating music is part of a healthy life.  Humans need to share music and they need a safe place to do it in.  Jonatha provides that safe space through his excitement for music no matter who it’s coming out of.  He also demonstrates his own curiosity and vulnerability through his music.