JoAnne Spies

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JoAnne Spies

photo credit: Joel Simpson

JoAnne Spies is a singer songwriter who invites people to deepen their connection to the land and its stories through rhythm, song and improvisation.

She is co-creator of “Sounding Mohican Pathways,” a walk on Main Street Stockbridge that honors historical Mohican sites and utilizes the art of listening and music improvisation to more fully experience the land and its stories.

She has led people on sound improvisations through the Norman Rockwell galleries and has created an ongoing multi-cultural celebration of the Housatonic River called RiverMASS. Spies has has been co-creating songs with Alzheimer’s groups and elders for the past eleven years and has written songs for “Watershed Waltz,” an interactive educational program about the watershed that travels to schools with Marmalade Productions.