Jim Oshinsky

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Jim OshinskyJames Oshinsky, Ph.D. is a psychologist and musician who has been part of Music for People since its inception. Jim helped formalize Music for People’s training programs, especially in the area of group dynamics and leadership.

He is the author of Return to Child, Music for People’s Guide to Improvising Music and Authentic Group Leadership.

A guitarist, bassist, percussionist and singer, Jim has led sessions in many aspects of musicianship at Music for People sessions and in his own Music From the Heart workshops. Behind the scenes, Jim has served Music for People as a staff member, director, board member and board president. He has a private practice in psychology and teaches college classes in psychology and music at Adelphi University in New York.

Contact Info: oceansky@optonline.net
Websites: Musicfromtheheartweb.wordpress.com
Books: Return to Child
Video: Everybody’s Musical