Jan Magray

In Florida, Graduates by jan_mfp

Jan MagrayOnce one learns how to jam, you end up making music with the most interesting people of all ages.

I am busily creating a new product that will make music in the moment accessible to children in places like after school programs and home schooling as well as hospital wards, and groups or individuals in all kinds of places.  I go to the children and find out what they want to learn and then I go home and create the musical soundscapes and rhythmic context to provide the foundation for their expression.

I started with cds and now am making videos.  It’s all about the discovery of the singing voice (vocal sound production) and then putting the music into the body (moving to the groove) while playing with others in purposeful and productive manner.  It’s all about just having good healthy fun.  It’s all about making music in the style of MfP.

It has been  fascinating  – with people (or angels???) coming into my life who wanted to help me with my project – and then having the support or others who believed in the project just propelled it – and then with the children showing me that they really really wanted to do this thing  (make the video songs) in exchange for lessons – and all of a sudden the project has a name and ongoing process and its like a rolling stone – it just won’t stop!