Jan Hittle

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Jan HittleAfter hearing Bobby McFerrin sing on National Public Radio, Jan went looking for a place to study music improvisation. That journey first led her to David Darling and Music for People. After graduating from Music for People’s Musicianship Program, Jan served for two years both as event coordinator and as a coach in the Musicianship program. She has continued her music improvisation study by participating in Rhiannon’s All the Way In vocal program and in Bobby McFerrin’s CircleSongs workshops, learning more about a jazz-based approach to improvisation.

Jan Hittle holds a BA in Music Education from the University of Indianapolis. She has worked extensively as a technical writer and webmaster in corporate environments.

Vocally, she is known for her wide range and colors. She has a grounded, supportive approach to teaching body centered voice work. Her background in energy work gives her a special sensitivity for tuning into the needs of her students. Beyond her expertise in music improvisation, Jan’s musical activities range from singing in a classical choir to singing kirtans. Jan’s love of the creative arts has led her to pursue integrating voice, movement, poetry and visual art and combining poetry and improvised texts into her music improvisations.