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Jahna Calandrelli Moncrief

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Jahna MoncriefJahna invites you to explore the musical arts by remember that the sound came first!  Her teaching is dedicated to creating a life-long love of music, while accommodating individual learning styles, goals, and interests.  She believes that music is a natural expression available to all of us, and the time is now for us to explore our personal symphonies…as well as honor those that have been handed down to us through the centuries!  It is her goal to make learning about music a rewarding experience while building skills that will enable a lifelong joy of music making.

In lessons, classes, workshops and residencies, studies in tone, technique, ear training, notation, rhythm and melody are supplemented by the exploration of free-play improvisation.  Participants are invited to explore listening and music making on a collection of world instruments and equipment, and are encouraged to bring personal favorites.

A Certified Music for People teacher since 1997, Jahna facilitates music making for all ages, populations and levels of skill.  Teaching and performing for over 30 years she has received a number of honors, awards and scholarships on the viola da gamba, violin and viola.  She has performed with ensembles at venues such as the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Yale University, and Keene State College.  She performs with ensembles in the New England area, and specializes in teaching fundamental music techniques including improvisation. Jahna’s training includes work at Oberlin Conservatory, Juilliard School of Music, Yale University, and Keene State College as well as Music for People.

BM Music Performance

BA Music Theory & Composition

BA Music History & Literature

Certified MfP Workshop Leader

Certified Music Educator

Phone: 603-439-0220