Irene Feher

Irene Feher

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Irene FeherA 2017 graduate of Music For People’s MLP Training, Irene Feher facilitates improvisation workshops in Montreal (Canada) and surrounding regions, including the Concordia University Student improvisation collective Collabra-Dabra-Tory. She also teaches classical/contemporary voice at Concordia University and at her private studio in Montreal. A member of Music For People, NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), and AIRS (Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing), Irene continues to fuel her passion for teaching through her study of improvisation and its application in vocal/musical instruction, creative exploration and self-realization.

With almost 25 years of teaching experience, 29 years of performing experience, and a passion for healthy vocal production, Irene teaches musicians and singers of all ages and levels. Her holistic approach to teaching singing and improvisation combines formal classical training, classical and popular performance experience, somatic awareness, and MfP improvisation techniques. Irene’s eclectic musical background enables her to teach and facilitate various musical styles including classical, musical theatre, and various popular styles.

A devoted pedagogue, Irene Feher completed her doctoral degree at The Schulich School of Music/McGill University where she was awarded the coveted SSHRC fellowship for her research in the field of vocal pedagogy. Study of “Musicians’ Wellness” with Dr. Louise Montello (New York), and daily practice of yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation has enabled Irene to overcome performance anxiety, and in turn help others.

Known for her sincere expressivity and warm mezzo-soprano voice, Irene Feher performs regularly as a soloist and recitalist. After four years of deep exploration in the art of improvisation with Music For People, Irene finds herself deeply inspired by new insights as she once again interprets works by classical, contemporary, and musical theatre composers.

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