Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg

In Graduates, Pennsylvania by jan_mfp

Henrik Stubbe TeglbjaergLife is a beautiful adventure.  It is unfolding around me, without my doing anything, and I choose to partake in it.  It fills me with joy, beauty and bliss.

It is a constant challenge to only be, and not push my will through, especially in our western world.  Being awake, alert, listening while being connected to all things around me.

I am fully nourished, supported and loved from the reality – we are all one. Who am I??  I don’t know.  It’s a mystery, nice to remain that way, because that leaves all doors open.  We communicate in so many different ways, and staying open to the multitude of expressions, expand our reality.

To me music is a way we can enrich and deepen life, by heightening our sensitivity to one another.  In loving our Music for People family and refining the art of listening, I utilize the opportunities I get, to have improvisational listening communications.  For that reason I love my monthly musical gatherings.  I play music for our local yoga place, improvise with friends, or go on a musical journey with my guitar or my piano, to the worlds that live within a simple riff.  Since everything and everyone is vibration, how do I relate and play music with the rest of the universe. It fascinates me…the sounds we are capable of producing with our vocal cords (lately a lot of throat singing, because it’s like a voice coming from the body). It fascinates me…the array of sounds we can manipulate out of our rich diversity of materials…especially crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, dideridoo’s, shruti box and leaf blowers…they give us a rich sea of sound where upon the voice can soar.